Effective Fleet Management Practices That Could Bring in Huge Savings

Are you losing track of fleet performance

Here are some best practices that could bring in huge cost-saving benefits for your business.

Small and medium businesses that utilise or offer fleet services face a constant task of managing employees who operate their vehicles out in the field.  Without credible data on employee workflows and behaviour, fleet operators have to make-do with limited information provided by their drivers and customers and have to make critical business decisions that can ultimately cost a business big money. That being said, these critical challenges could be easily ironed out using GPS tracking devices. Here are some best practices, when put to use, could bring in huge cost-saving benefits for your business.
Preventive Vehicle Maintenance Avoidable breakdowns caused by poor maintenance can cost your business a lot of money. Following a routine maintenance schedule keeps your vehicles operating in peak conditions at all times. It not only increases their lifespan, but preventive maintenance decreases the likelihood of an unexpected break down of your vehicle. An effective GPS tracking device can help you maintain accurate vehicle maintenance history reports and set up email or text message alerts for when maintenance is due, so you never miss a tune-up or have an unexpected, preventable breakdown again.

Track and Update Routes

Inefficient routing increases the number of kilometres your vehicles drive, which can waste time as well as fuel and decrease the number of clients your employees can serve each day. By tracking your driver’s daily routes with an effective GPS tracking device, you can identify opportunities to improve dispatch and routing, reduce fuel usage, and increase your revenue by reaching more customers every day.

Promote Safe Driving Habits 

Unsafe driving is not just bad for your business, but it’s a serious threat to life and property.
While crashes and collisions are inevitable, they can be prevented by monitoring driver safety with a GPS tracking device. They not only provide real-time alerts for unsafe behaviour such as speeding and alerts that trigger if the vehicle has travelled outside the permitted geographic radius. Fleet operators can use these alerts and reports to proactively identify unsafe drivers and take steps to encourage driver safety.When you can rely on accurate insights provided by an effective fleet management system, you can make data-driven decisions that will improve driver safety, increase productivity, and reduce your fleets operating costs.
Learn more about how you can intuitively save costs for your business using the latest in fleet management solutions and book a demo today. 

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