How vehicle tracking software can help you cut costs. 


  1. Manage driver behaviour. 

Most tracking software’s will provide real-time detailed tracking of a driver’s location, speed, and driving behaviour. Having access to this data can improve the safety and efficiency of your fleet.


Unsafe driver patterns can be identified via vehicle tracking such a dangerously speeding above the limit.

But it’s not just speeding that can jeopardize safety while driving.

Studies have shown that being sleep deprived on the road can be just as dangerous as driving while under the influence of alcohol.

This means that you can observe if drivers are sticking to the recommended breaks and rest times as opposed to just ‘powering through them’ which may save time but does so at the expense of safety.

An increase in safety leads to a reduction of accidents, speeding tickets and other fines. This can save costs in:

  • Vehicle repairs
  • Fines
  • Insurance policies.


While the software can provide drivers with how long they’ve been driving, prompitng breaks, however it can also highlight any part of the fleet that takes longer breaks than they should or intentionally drive longer routes to clock up their hours.

The detailed reports vehicle tracking provides can help highlight any driver behavior that can increase costs such as rapid acceleration, idling, excess use of AC, hard braking, expenses, trip information, duration and any driver behavior that can increase unnecessary idling or vehicle use.

A driver’s habits behind the wheel can lead to a  so efficiency training and education for your drivers can be a great way to cut costs in your fleet.

By keeping an eye on this data you can lead to great efficiency in your fleet and save time, money, fuel and ensure that you are paying your employees for the hours they actually work.

The software will allow you to reward good drivers and encourage others in areas they could improve in.

  1. Lowers insurance premiums. 

Many insurance policies offer a ‘telematics’ discount for individuals and companies who use vehicle tracking.

In insurance companies eyes knowing that ‘someone is watching you’ when you drive can lead to a heightened awareness of safety but also means that they can track your habits.

While an initial discount may be available due to vehicle tracking, a further additional discount can be given at the point based on how ‘good a driver’ you are.

These incentives are good for everyone involved as we save money and they reduce the risk of a claim. Check with your current insurance provider to see if a telematics discount is offered and if not then it may be worth your while to shop around elsewhere.

However, even if using vehicle tracking software doesn’t result in a discount from your insurance provider, the benefits of using it can lead to cheaper premiums.

Through accident reduction and increased driver safety, it can have a knock-on effect on your insurance cost by reducing the likelihood of losing your no-claims bonus.

  1. Increases longevity of your vehicle. 

One of the great benefits of vehicle tracking software is that it can help you stay on top of the maintenance of your fleet.

Tracking the health of every vehicle in your fleet can be hard to juggle. The software will track how old your vehicle is, how many miles/kms it has traveled, maintenance costs and even send a notification when it’s time to get a vehicle serviced.

The more problems with a vehicle tend to lead to an increase in costs.

By keeping your fleet in tip top condition it can help prevent any breakdowns, reduces the time off the road and lower the number of bills from the mechanic.

  1. Reports data to improve efficiency. 

By using vehicle tracking software you will gain access to a wide variety of data and information that you previously could not have known.

This allows you to take action steps to reduce costs but also allows you to experiment and see what works best for your fleet.

Driver routes.

By using the software to track the costs of various routes you can decide on the optimum one to save time and money.

Once optimized routes are established you can further improve the efficiency of your fleet.

The size of your fleet. 

Ultimately one of the best ways to reduce the cost of your fleet is to reduce its size.

Vehicle tracking software will allow you to see the big picture in order to make the decisions about when to reduce and increase your fleet’s size.

You may find that the improved efficiency that the software brings may enable you to cut back a number of vehicles you have on the road and reduce finance costs of maintaining your fleet.

Getting started with vehicle tracking software. 

We are an Australian based company that provide a cloud-based, integrated vehicle management system that gives you control over your entire fleet of cars, trucks and other vehicles from a central control point.

Our software is user-friendly and is fully customizable to meet your fleet’s needs.

To find out more about our software and the benefits of vehicle tracking simply click here or sign up today. 



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