Don’t Sweat on Fuel Consumption This Summer

Here are some useful tips to help you keep your fleet fuel bills down, while the temperature rises:

As the summer season continues to shine brightly, it ushers in a time to relax and enjoy the delightful weather. However, if you are a fleet manager, this isn’t the season that you may look forward to, with rising fuel costs enough to surely make you sweat. Fleet and operations managers must constantly keep a check on fuel bills as one of the prime cost heads to their business.

However, it is extremely challenging to manage fuel economy if you own a large fleet of vehicles, that are spread across a large geographical area. Here are some useful tips to help you keep your fuel bills down, while the temperature rises:

Improve Productivity

During this season, it’s not unusual for drivers to leave their vehicles and the air conditioning running between stops. Every additional hour per day of idling is equivalent to over 100,000 kilometres of engine wear. This prematurely ages the vehicle, which further impacts its fuel economy. Reducing unnecessary engine idle time can be an effective way for fleet operators can save fuel costs, as well as extend the life-cycle of the vehicle. CXZ Telematics allows fleet owners to review trip duration and distance travelled, giving the ability to identify long trip times over short distances.

Monitor Vehicle Speed Limit

Fleet owners and drivers often face the daunting challenge of meeting tight service delivery deadlines and reducing turn-around-time. However, in lieu of reaching the destination quicker drivers often end up exceeding the requisite speed limits. This is not only dangerous but, excessive speeding also burns more fuel. With CXZ Telematics, you can easily set and monitor speed limits of your vehicles, helping you keep a check on your fuel cost as well as ensure driver safety.

Optimise Routing

The summer season is also a great time for people to explore the outdoors, seek adventures and go places. This also means more vehicles on the roads, that sometimes could lead to traffic jams.

In such situations, it’s important to manage the route and work schedule of your cars to achieve delivery targets and conserve fuel. Optimising a route helps drivers navigate the roadway, avoid traffic challenges, reduce idling and other delays, saving precious time and fuel. A recent study by Motorola reported that 48% of drivers change their route on a daily basis. With the help of CXZ Telematics, fleet operators can review routes used, creating information to manage and optimise daily routs with their drivers. 

Fluctuating fuel prices remain one of the major concerns for fleet operators. However, by  intuitively monitoring your fleet performance and optimising your vehicle and drivers, fleet operators can effectively reduce fuel consumption, improve service delivery and maximise business revenue. CXZ Telematics can not only help your business maximise profits by helping you manage your fuel bills, it also helps the environment by allowing your business to reduce its carbon footprint and conserve fossil fuels.

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